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no "cloud"
storage needed
shayre utilizes your own storage, not cloud storage. You know where your files are and where you want them to be. shayre gets them where they need to go as soon as possible without any clicks. If you still want the cloud, shayre works with it too.
to use
Shake hands with a destination, shayre a folder and that’s it. shayre is drag and drop simple. Drop your files into a shayre folder and they automatically go where they need to go. If needed, you can get a text or email when the files are where you expected them to be.
and secure
shayre uses military-grade encryption completely from end to end. It uses a multi-threaded TCP/IP protocol. That means it goes as fast as possible but plays nicely with the rest of your network – so it won’t take your phones or applications offline.
totally unlimited
shayre doesn’t mind how big your files are or how many of them you have to move. In fact, shayre doesn’t care how many places they need to go either. Let shayre worry about the details.

Healthcare Professional? shayre is fully HIPAA compliant